About Me

I’m Rebecca, a 25 year old Teacher from Essex. I graduated Bath Spa University in 2018 with a 2:1 degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and completed my PGCE in 2020 at University College London.

I’ve always had dreams of being a writer. As cliche as it sounds, writing has always been the ‘thing’ that I’ve been drawn to. The first story I wrote was aged four and was titled Peter the Pumpkin. These days, my writing consists of drafts of novels, poetry and scripts, which never seem to get completed. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve become drawn to non-fiction writing too, wanting to share my musings, but lacked a platform to publish, until now.

It’s been three years since I graduated. Three years in the ‘real world’, and I’ve learnt so much already about life and how not to live it. But every experience came with a lesson learnt, and that is what I want to share.

I’ve still got a lot more to learn, and I don’t think that will ever stop. But if by sharing my mistakes, useful tips I’ve gathered or even just my ramblings about the world makes someone feel less alone, then it will all be worth it.